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I’m a UIUX designer in NYC. Right now, I'm a Design Advocate at Google. Previously, I was design lead at touchlab, where I helped partners build & launch projects like ResearchStack, Quartz, Classpass, and public tech that's linked NYC in a mesh network, changing web access in the city forever.

I’ve also helped independent devs invent or improve great Android experiences through apps like Nova Launcher, AllCast, Focus, 5217, and many more.

Check out some highlighted projects below, or hit the navigation up top to get the full picture.

If you’re reading this, it means that the new Dadapixel, Design Notes, Project Phoebe, and I AM LIAM sites have finally (re)launched.

The sites are very simple. They’re stark, utilitarian, static, geometric. But building them has been a great learning experience for me, so to go along with the launch I thought it may be fun (and maybe even useful) to write a quick post looking at a few of the things that went into the redesign, some of the rationale, challenges, and even cracks that still need patching up.

talks, videos, interviews, & quotes


When I'm not busy collaborating to actually execute design, I spend a lot of time discussing, teaching, and advocating for good design practices and new ideas. This is my timeline of talks, interviews, and more.

Identity, iconography

Droidcon NYC 16 identity

In Winter/Spring 2016, I set out to create a new visual system for Droidcon NYC, an annual Android-focused conference in New York. The conference, organized by touchlab, was moving to a new venue with a somewhat new format, and a renewed focus on including design in the lineup.

Experimental, illustration

Digital paper illustrations

Illustrations based on real-world material textures digitized, recolored, and structured into digital compositions.